Vitamina Juices & Blends is a family-owned business with a focus on providing healthy and natural fresh juices, smoothies and food. Visit us in the vibrant SoFA (South First Art) District of downtown San José and in Menlo Park.

Our Story

Carlos Jiménez Cárdenas. & Montserrat Ayala, owners of Vitamina Juices & Blends. Photo by Daniel Garcia. Featured in Content Magazine Issue 9.4.

The idea was born after Montserrat Ayala immigrated from Mexico to California in 2010. While working, Montserrat became aware of the fast-paced lifestyle of Silicon Valley. Having breakfast at home and cooking lunch or dinner soon became a thing of the past. Soon, she began to feel the consequences of not eating a healthy diet.

This inspired Montserrat to create Vitamina Juices & Blends:

Vitamina is a juice bar where people could find food and beverages that were not made with artificial ingredients and concentrates.

Vitamina is place where people can nurture their body and feel at home.

Yet, Vitamina Juices & Blends is not just any juice bar — our entire core is accentuated by our Mexican heritage.

Our juices, blends, healthy bites and products are inspired by Mexico’s diverse and complex cuisine.

Ingredients such as cactus, lime, chile, avocado, corn, pitaya, amaranth and chia are integral elements in Vitamina’s menu.