A Note from Our Founder

Dear Vitamina family,

After exploring different possibilities and searching for different resources, I want to inform you that I have decided to close Vitamina permanently. Maintaining Vitamin’s expenses these months, while the world has been going through COVID-19, has become unsustainable.

Vitamina was a project that was born from my desire to bring rich and healthy food to San José, and to honor my Méxican heritage through our ingredients and recipes.

This dream soon became a reality full of challenges, tears of frustration and exhaustion, a lot of learning and the widest and most euphoric smiles I have ever had.

I am very proud to have started this business and for all that it has brought to my life. I am honored to be an active member of a movement of people who want to see a vibrant and culturally diverse downtown San José. Vitamina allowed me to know more about my community, make great friends, and connect with people from different backgrounds. Vitamina was a bridge that I needed so much. Vitamina made me settle roots in our community.

Thank you to each person who has supported us.

With all my heart, THANK YOU!!
Montserrat Ayala


Mexican-Inspired Juice Bar

Craft Smoothies, Juices & Healthy Bites

Vitamina Juices & Blends is a juice bar where you can find craft smoothies, juices and food made with natural ingredients. 

Vitamina is a place where you can nurture your body and feel at home.

Our juices, blends, healthy bites and products are inspired by Mexico’s diverse and complex cuisine.

Cactus, lime, chile, avocado, corn, pitaya, amaranth and chia are integral elements of our menu.